Tsum Valley Circuit Trek

Photo Courtesy: Kelsie DiPerna.

Known as the land of Tsumbas, Tsum Valley, was opened around 10 years ago which was previously a restricted tourist area. The region of Tsum is one of the most raw and virgin place of Nepal for an adventurous trekking. If you are a thrill-loving person then this place is naturally designed for you – the trekking route challenges you on a physical and a mental level. And yeah, you guessed it. This place is not a commercial place either, where you will be enjoying in eateries and coffee places, plus, you will be disconnected from internet and reception usage.

The valley of Tsum touches the border of Tibet in the east side. So you will be trekking through ancient Tibetan and Buddhist monasteries. On an average, everyday, you will travel about 6-8 hours until you finally reach the highest point of the region, MoGompa (4000 m.). Take a reminder, because most of the times you might have to be dependent on a tent house, nevertheless, there are possibilities of traditional home stays.
Since we all travel for exploring beautiful nature, Tsum Valley has plenty of beautiful mountain ranges to offer. You will be witnessing Ganesh Himal, Himalchuli, Sringi Himal, and Baudha Himal. Millareppa cave is another popular and special place of this region.

Tsum valley is also a culturally diverse place. In the lower valley of Tsum, there are Gurung and Magar villages whereas in upper valley there are mostly Tibetan villages. As a supper, you will be eating local food like the locals such as Chapatis, Dal Bhat, Noodle Soup, etc.

Day 01:
Kathmandu to Soti Khola (700m).

Day 02:
Soti Khola (700m) to Macchakhola(869m)
Specifics: 6.5 hours; 19.2km trekking distance; 227 flights; 169m net elevation gain.

Day 03:
Macchakhola(869m) to Jagat(1340m)
Specifics: 6.5 hours; 22km trekking distance; 226 flights, 471m net elevation gain.

Day 04:
Jagat(1,340m) to Lokpa(2,240m)
Specifics: 6.25 hours; 17.8km trekking distance; 249 flights; 900m net elevation gain.

Day 05:
Lokpa(2,240m) to Chookang Paro(3,031m)
Specifics: 9 hours; 25.4km trekking distance; 341 flights; 791m net elevation gain.

Day 06:
Chhokang Paro(3,031m) to Nile(3,361m)
Specifics: 5 hours; 9.7km trekking distance; 90 flights; 330m net elevation gain.

Day 07:
Nile(3,361m) to Mu Gompa(3,700m)
Specifics: 3 hours; 7.9km trekking distance; 65 flights; 339m net elevation gain.

Day 08:
Mu Gompa(3,700m) to Chhokang Paro(3,031m)
Specifics: 5.25 hours; 18.4km trekking distance; 42 flights; -669m net elevation gain.

Day 09:
Chhokang Paro(3,031m) to Gumba Lundang(3,200m)
Specifics: 5 hours; 14.9km trekking distance; 251 flights; 169m net elevation gain.

Day 10:
Gumba Lundang(3,200m) to Chumling(2,386m)
Specifics: 5 hours; 17.8km trekking distance; 115 flights; -814m net elevation gain.

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