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There is no better way to discover a country for what it really is than by bike. Our Discover Nepal Tour is just that, a chance for you to discover the rich and varied culture, nature, architecture and landscapes of this beautiful country. For the Mountain Biker this tour also offers challenging climbs, thrilling down hills, Himalayan adventure, technical trails and single tracks. The tour takes your from the heart of the Kathmandu Valley up into the middle hills, crossing over to the flat plans that boarder India and then up to the heady heights of the Annapurna Himalaya. Along the way discover some of Nepal’s Holiest Temples, richest landscapes, most panoramic mountain views and oldest cultures. Mix this all up and you have one hell of a great journey discovering the heart and soul of Nepal.

Day 01:
Arrive in Kathmandu (transfer to hotel), pick you up at airport. Same day you will see your guide for dinner and pre-trip briefing.
Distance - 0km.
Altitude - 1350m.

Day 02:
Gurjebhanjyang - heaven’s track - Helipad - Boudha

Begin the day with an hours scenic drive up to Gurje Bhanjyang through beautiful villages and rice paddies. Plenty of opportunity to observe local culture and take some photos. Gurje Bhanjyang is the starting point of our ride. It begins with an initial up and down section, then a short uphill part to the heavens track which 30 minutes of flowy terrain. From here a short climb for 20 - 25minnute and a best ride around ktm helipad trail, all flowy, techi, gnarly really fun for another 30 minutes. The ride will be end at kapon short ride after helipad,you will get picked up by van from here and bikes too, you will drive to Baudha for lunch and sightseen. Baudha which is a famous buddhist stupa (temple), and has been marked as a world heritage site. You will have a lunch here and do some site seeing with your guide before being driven to the hotel.

Day 03:
Kakani - scar route - Tarkeshwor - Tinpiple.

Kakani is a small village located on north side of valley, at 2100 meters of elevation. The drive will take about 1-1.5 hours to get there. From the top you will have a spectacular view of the Himalayas. The ride begins with a short descent to the entrance of a national park and then a climb for 20-25 minutes before the sweet descent along the scar route. This is a very flowy track with a few technical parts. 2-3hours of national park ride. last part will be ride through the villages with ups and down.

Day 04:
Phulchowki - Bhakatapur.

Phulchowki is the highest hill around Kathmandu Valley,the elevation of top is about 2800 meters. In the morning we will drive up to Phulchowki, taking between 1.5 - 2 hours. From here the ride will follow jeep tracks for 5 - 10minutes before entering the jungle on a single track. This track is a mix of single tracks, double tracks, technical parts, stairs... everything. It is a long descent through the jungle and village to the city. You will be met by van at a bottom of a hill and driven to Bhaktapur, a renown ancient town. After lunch the rest of the day will be dedicated to sightseeing around Bhaktapur. (overnight at bhaktapur bike will send to mustang).

Day 05:
Morning flight to Pokhara Chill out, boating, paraglide or sightseen do whatever you want.

Day 06:
Pokhara - Jomsom (flight) - ride to Kagbeni.

Today will be an early start as the only flights to Jomson are early morning flights. This is another short flight, about 20 minutes, but it will take you over some spectacular views, through the Kaligandaki Valley and between two mountains over 8000m tall and is definitely worth the early wake up. We will spend about 2 hours in Jomsom, while preparing the bikes and having breakfast. The ride today will be short distance-wise, however it is better to slowly acclimatize to the altitude. There will be opportunity for sightseeing around town with your guide.
Distance - 19km.
Altitude - 2700m.

Day 07:
Kagbeni - Jharkot (drive) - Thorang phedi - Muktinath - Kagbeni.

After breakfast the bikes will be loaded up and we will drive for about an hour to Jharkot. From here it's a climb uphill to Thorang Phedi. Phedi is located at an altitude of 4200m hight,so take it easy and don't try to push yourself too hard. From Phedi the ride is a nice and flowy natural single track to the historic town of Muktinath. Muktinath is famous among Hindus, as some people believe that without visiting Muktinath you cannot reach Nirvana. Consequently you will see a lot of Hindu tourists here, particularly from India. We will have local cuisine here in Muktinath for lunch before recommencing our ride. It will be 95% downhill, going through local villages and along tracks with running water, natural stairs and varied terrain. The ride will be done by 1 - 2pm.
Distance - 23km.
Altitude - 2700m.

Day 08:
Kagbeni - Muktinath (drive) - ride to Marpha.

It's about a 1 hour drive to Muktinath. The ride will start with a flowy single track for 5-10 minutes. Then a climb for about 400m to the Lubra pass. We will pause here because the view is spectacular at the top of the pass (4100m al.) and it's a great opportunity to take some photos. From here it's a 1300m descent, lots of switchback, it is steep with loose gravel, so be careful and keep in mind this is a very remote area. After the descent we reach a river and ride along here for a section, then it is a 25-30 minute ride to reach Jomsom for lunch. After lunch the ride will be more scenic on an up and down track, through apple gardens, villages, across suspension bridges and past a small lake. It takes between 1-1.5hrs to reach Marpha. Marpha is the apple town of the Himalayas, known for it's apple pies, apple cider, apple crumble and apple varieties. Take time to look around the village and monestry.
Distance - 29km.
Altitude - 2600m.

Day 09:
Marpha - Tatopani.

Today's ride starts after breakfast and is primarily a big descent of about 1900m with one big climb for 300m. Until we reach the lunch destination the ride will be up and down with mixed single tracks, double tracks, technical and flowy terrain. On today's ride you will travel through the world's deepest valley, the biggest waterfall in Nepal and the wild pots garden. After lunch the way is downhill to Tatopani but with the occasional short climb. Tatopani is a nice, small town there is a natural hotspring where you can relax with an chilled beer.
Distance - 47km.
Altitude - 1100m.

Day 10:
Tatopani - Beni - Naundanda - Pokhara.

The inital ride to Beni is about 19km on rolling jeep tracks. From Beni the drive about 2 hours to reach Naundanda and the ride about 20km on downhill and flat tracks to reach your hotel in Pokhara, at the lakeside.
Distance - 39km.
Altitude - 850m.

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