Manakamana Enduro Cycling Ride

The Manakamana temple is at the top of a 1300m hill about 105km west of Kathmandu. The Manakamana Devi temple is a sacred place of the Hindu goddess Bhagwati (incarnation of Parvati) and set in a square that is shadowed by a sacred magnolia tree. Hindus believe that the Goddess Bhagwati rewards those who make the pilgrimage. Newari newlyweds will often come to pray for sons. The view from the temple includes the Trisuli and Marshyang-di river valleys, offering stunning views of the Manaslu, Himalchuli and Annapurna mountains There a cable car ride of 10-15 minutes that brings pilgrims and visitors up to the temple site, previously this journey was made on foot. Most of this ride is enduro style riding (downhill).

Day 01:
Kathmandu - Manakamana.

Departure from Kathmandu by 8:00am in the morning, after breakfast. To reach the base where the ride will start we'll drive for about 2-3 hours & then 15 minute of ropeway to get to the temple. Set yourself up at the hotel as this will be 'home' for the trip. Use this afternoon to go for a ride. It is sweet descent on double tracks through the villages and jungle, on reaching the bottom you can catch the cable car (with your bike) back to the top.
Distance - 21km.
Altitude - 1300m.
Descend - 1100m.

Day 02:
Manakamana - Kurintar - Manakamana - Abukhaireni - Manakamana.

Start todays ride after breakfast, it's a flowy single track with some techinal sections and exposer too. Please follow your guides instructions carefully. Once you complete this descent, use the cable car to come back to the top for lunch. After lunch there is another amazing ride to Abukhaireni with mixed double tracks and single tracks through the villages. Use the cable car to return to the resort for dinner.
Distanse - 45km.
Altitude - 1300m.
Descend - 2500m.

Day 03:
Manakamana - Muglin - Manakamana - Abukhaireni - Manakamana.

Kakani is a small village located on north side of valley, at 2100 meters of elevation. The drive will take about 1-1.5 hours to get there. From the top you will have a spectacular view of the Himalayas. The ride begins with a short descent to the entrance of a national park and then a climb for 20-25 minutes before the sweet descent along the scar route. This is a very flowy track with a few technical parts. 2-3hours of national park ride. last part will be ride through the villages with ups and down.
Distance - 48km.
Altitude - 1300m.
Descend - 2500m.

Day 04:
Makamana - Kurintar - Kathmandu (drive back).

While the day starts the same as previous days make sure your luggage is packed and ready to go as this is our last day here. Todays ride is a mix of tracks but with a little more uphill and downhill through the villages. It's a really fun ride with a mix of all types of tracks and terrain.
Distance - 28km.
Descend - 1300m.

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